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Anisha Arya

Hey everyone! I am Anisha Arya, a first-year. I believe I am well-suited to be your International Students' Officer. Back in school, I was a part of the Student Council, the President of a Human Rights Campaign and the Vice-President of a Gender Equality Campaign. I will always value the everyday experiences more than the leadership experience I gained from these positions. These experiences include but are not limited to - breaking up fights between students, having to come up with a "No Metal Bottles Allowed" policy (once a fight got ugly) and even after all this, still being screamed at by our Headmistress. However painful the work might have been, I still loved it and would love to do it on a bigger and better scale for you guys.

It doesn't take a Sociology degree to know that for an international student to not only survive but also thrive in a new country, they need to get familiar with the local culture and support each other, as proven by a survey that I recently conducted. Therefore, my goals for the following session will be to help international students do exactly this by arranging for the following -

  • Create a 'Culture Exchange' Program in which local students are matched with international students, who will then spend a week learning about each others' culture through fun activities.
  • Help form more societies like a Russian Society, which still doesn't exist.
  • Create an online platform for all the international societies to collaborate, share ideas and plan socials together.
  • Start a support group for students who want to share anything, rant, or just want free coffee and cake.

In the end, I just want to say that I am extremely approachable and would love to discuss any issues that might be hindering your university experience. All of you deserve to have the best time here at Newcastle, and I am all for it! :))



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