Candidate for the position of Marginalised Genders Officer

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Iori Fraser

I came to university in 2020 unsure of my gender, and saw my whole journey toward finding my identity while I was here. Throughout that time, I've experienced society from many perspectives: a woman, living alone for the first time; a non-binary person, unsure of where I fit in in a society that's not fully accepting and understanding of genders that don't conform to the gender binary, and finally a man perceived by others to be a woman. While inevitably it is impossible for a single person to experience living as every marginalised gender, I have still seen many sides of society's gender-based prejudice.

It's my goal to do whatever I can to narrow the gap between not only the societal dominance of cisgender men over women, but also the prejudice against those who don't conform to gender norms, or those whose gender identity doesn't match their assigned sex at birth.

University is a troubling enough time without having to face prejudice from others, so I wish to support those who are facing this difficulty, as well as supporting those who struggle to find their own identity. I firmly believe that all genders and identities are equal, binary or not.

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