Candidate for the position of Welfare & Equality Officer

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Aleena Ikram

Hello everyone, hope you all are well. My name is Aleena Ikram and I am running for the position of Welfare and Equality Officer. Tackling issues such as harassment, discrimination, threats to students’ wellbeing and other such issues is the core of my campaign and will be the focus of my work in this position. As part of my work, I specially aim to hold discussions that shed light on the issues students face, and will be developing plans to eradicate those issues through the help of the student union. As per the role description, I would be a great fit as my diverse work experiences and educational background have amalgamated into making me a strong, dedicated and passionate all rounder. They have also enhanced my problem-solving and analytical skills and the ability to collectively lead and work in a team. I would like to make you all aware that I am always approachable at any time, irrespective of the issue. Please feel to contact me and speak to me about anything.


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