Candidate for the position of Education Officer

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Mack Marshall

Hi, I’m Mack and I’m standing to be your next Education Officer!

Studying for exams, writing essays, or doing that last bit of work before a seminar has been made harder with disruption over the past few years. Whether it has been COVID or strikes or even something personal, studying is not as easy as it first appears. The University should understand this. I want to use this role to make sure we adopt a more understanding and personal approach to our education.

This year I've worked as a School Rep, I've sat in various meetings and committees where change is made. I know and understand how the system works; I want to make sure it works better for everybody.

My aims for next year include:

Improving access to wellbeing support - How do we seek support? What support is available?

Assessment transparency - What is required of us? When will we get feedback? What will that look like?

Keeping students ‘in the loop’ - strengthening the communication between students and the Union.

Viewing students as colleagues - changing the relationship with staff to a more inclusive, respectful one.


This is your education; I’ll work hard for it.


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