Candidate for the position of Chair of Council

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Afiya Ballard Debois

My name is Afiya, and I am applying for the position of Chair of Council. I participated in my student council during my A-levels and was fortunate to hold the position of head girl. I worked closely with governors and our chaplaincy, to help improvements around our college such as the increase of recycling and reusable materials being used in our art department, alongside our open day events and organisation of trips, during the struggles of covid. I am keen to be more involved in the student community of Newcastle and believe this is a great opportunity for me to expand on my leadership skills and gain experience working with campaigns for our university but also meet others from the university. I aim to encourage engagement and involvement of students on the council through having collaborative meetings where we collectively decide and decipher our goals and aims, for suggested improvements/events and much more.

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