Candidate for the position of Activities Officer

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I am Julia Glen, and I am campaigning to represent you as ACTIVITIES OFFICER


University-wide events and student-led societies have been fundamental in making my time at Newcastle unforgettable. I want to ensure that your Union gives you the best possible student experience, from freshers to graduation.


My Activities Experience


  • New Society Representative on the Societies Executive Committee. Working closely with the current Activities Officer to
  • ratify societies
  • allocate funding
  • organise IFAM and Graduation Ball
  • attend Students’ Union council
  • President of the Cocktail Society, involving
  • organising events, including a charity cocktail masterclass
  • promoting the society


What I want to Achieve               


More Recognition for the hard work you put into your societies and RAG Week, by:


  • Putting on a Societies’ Showcase at the end of the academic year, allowing societies to demonstrate their progress and achievement over the year. For smaller societies it can be difficult to showcase their hard work, and in larger societies sometimes beginners do not have the chance to show off what they have been working on. The Societies’ Showcase would allow a wide range of societies and skills to get involved, including music, dance, circus skills, art and photography.


  • Keeping the NUSU Website more active and up-to-date allowing students to find out about past and upcoming events in one place. This will make sure events are better promoted, and will allow societies who missed the Freshers Fair to reach more people.


  • Regular email and social media updates allowing societies to promote their events and celebrate their successes with a wider audience of students. Including sporting events, fundraisers, gigs/performances, conferences and trips.


More Opportunities for you to gain relevant experience for your future career, by:


  • Optimising the NUSU website, giving students the chance to write about and photograph events for the website. Produce and create short films to advertise societies and events.


  • Introducing the Societies’ Showcase, allowing performers, technicians and producers/directors to gain experience.


More Support between societies, for on-going help and increased interaction, by:


  • Setting up an Online Forum where committees can discuss ideas, or issues they have encountered and work together to find solutions. This will benefit societies who were ratified after committee training, and established societies who are striving to improve. The forum could also be used to advertise opportunities and organise joint events between societies.


  • Improving the keep of the storage cupboard to ensure equipment is properly taken care of.


  • Looking into the way payments are made so committee members are never left out of pocket.



For more recognition, more opportunities and more support

Vote JULIA GLEN #1 Activities Officer


You go Glen Coco”