Candidate for the position of International Students' Officer



Manifesto, Pablo Charro de la Fuente, International Students´ Officer

My name is Pablo Charro De La Fuente and I am running for International Students´ Officer because I believe I have the experience and ideas necessary to ensure that all international students feel equally and fairly represented.

I think that now, more than ever, the Student Union needs an International Officer that strongly defends the rights of international students. I aim to protect the rights of the European students after Brexit, and express my opposition to any policy that tries to reduce their rights to study at our University. Besides this, I will endeavour to prevent action by the University against our fellow International students, and I will therefore be firmly opposing the policy trying to cap the hours Tier 4 Visa students can work.

This academic year I have held the role of Business School Rep, and I believe that in this time I have successfully helped enhance the inclusion of international students. I have organised events celebrating multi-culturalism, and have increased conversations surrounding the needs of international students.

If I become your new international officer I will endeavour to create a more democratic and humanitarian Union that supports the development of a comfortable learning environment for all students.