Candidate for the position of Racial Equality Officer



Hello! My name is Christopher Wilkinson, I am a Second Year Classics student, and I am running to be your next Racial Equality Officer.

I believe that as your Racial Equality officer I could promote an anti-racist ethos on campus, and reach out and show Newcastle University as an influencer of equality in the city as well as among other Universities. As shown by the recent celebrations of Martin Luther King’s visit to Newcastle, our University has always been one of the most progressive in the country, and this is something that we should be proud of and recognise. Problems can, however, arise, and I believe that I am the best candidate to resolve these problems. I would campaign against the hateful groups that seem to appear out of nowhere with the help of organisations such as Stand Up to Racism, and promote diversity in the many different societies we have whilst strengthening communication between the Union and the different cultures and ethnicities which make our campus so vibrant and unique. As both President of the Classics society and an editor for the Courier, I believe I have the experience working in the Union to be Racial Equality Officer.

Thank you.