Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Officer

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Mikesh Lukka

I am Mikesh Lukka and I am running for Postgraduate Officer because I will bring vibrancy and energy to the role. I am hard working, organised and personable, due to this I think I am more than qualified for this role. I am currently a Postgraduate student, so I know what deficiencies there are within the university when it comes to Postgraduates.

My main aims will be to make the university experience more enjoyable for Postgraduates through holding numerous activities and events focused specifically for Postgraduates which will vary to incorporate different cultures. For example, holding socials such as rock-climbing, social nights out or celebrating the Chinese New Year. In addition, I would help students who have come from different universities integrate better with everyone at the university and the city in general. I would also aim to make sure that there is a larger space for Postgraduates to work in in the library as the space is very limited for Postgraduates.

If you do vote for me, I will ensure that I will take on this responsibility with great enthusiasm and pride thus delivering a great experience that will meet expectations for Postgraduates who are starting or continuing next year.