Commuting Students' Officer Election 2019

Election for the new position of Commuting Students' Officer at Newcastle University Students’ Union.

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Commuting Students' Officer

You will work alongside the Students' Union to help improve the student experience for students facing commuting issues. These include finance, care, public transport, assessment hand-in requirements as well as the feeling of inclusion within the University.

The Commuting Students’ Officer shall:

1. Have lived at home and commuted to University for some or all of their degree.

2. Be a member of Students’ Union Council, the Officers’ Forum, Welfare & Campaigns Executive Committee and Community Executive Committee.

3. Represent the interests of Commuting students within the Students’ Union, the University, and other appropriate organisations.

4. Work closely with the other liberation Part Time Officers and Welfare & Equality Officer to provide representation, signposting and awareness to those affected by issues mentioned in this motion such as isolation, inclusion and integration.

5. Liaise with relevant societies to ensure societies are accessible to commuting students.

6. Be a member of the University’s Diversity Consultative Group.

7. Attend all meetings of the committees which they are a member of.

8. Attend all General Meetings.

9. Attend all Students’ Union Council meetings.

10. Send their apologies if they cannot attend a meeting.

11. Be in regular contact with the Administration Office and check their correspondence frequently.

l2. Attend all relevant training events.

13. Ensure that funds are spent appropriately if they are a budget holder.

14. Where appropriate, work with external bodies.

15. Help at Union events when required e.g. Freshers’ Week, campaigns etc.

16. Represent students, including any groups they are specifically there to represent.

17. Review the Equal Opportunities Policy at least once a year and report to Council with their findings.

18. Produce a handover for their successor.

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