About the CDM

An Overview

The Career Development Module is an optional module available on many courses at the university. Whilst the University offers the opportunity to use the module to support learners in schools with student tutoring or develop knowledge and skills using your existing part-time work, the Students' Union offers a third option. You can undertake the module by volunteering through the Students' Union in the local community or on campus (as a Rep for example), or by using your position such as President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Welfare Officer to accredit the module. 

If you already volunteer through the Students' Union – either within the Union’s volunteering opportunities or with external charities – this route will help you to recognise and analyse the graduate skills that you use. To take part, you must be volunteering in a placement approved by the Students' Union before you start the module, and you must confirm your choice of placement with your personal tutor or degree programme director.

Please note: before applying for CDM, you must contact us first to check eligibility of your volunteer/committee role and the availability left on the module; you will not automatically be given a place on the module because you meet the criteria and we must be aware of your interest before application. 

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Need help? Feeling unsure about anything regarding the volunteering route of CDM? Please come and see Liz Gulliver in the NUSU Activities Office or email If you have a question regarding any of the other routes or would like more information on the methods of assessment for any of the routes, please contact the Careers department.



Route options


1. Pre-Arranged Placements

Browse our placements here or browse placements by organisation or category. Not seeing anything you like? Our list of placements is constantly being updated so keep checking back to see if anything new takes your fancy.

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2. Find your own Volunteering Placement

You are more than welcome to source your own placement with an organisation directly. If so, please explain the CDM role to prospective charities, the information on this page may assist you with this. Once you have gained a placement please us to inform us of the organisation, your role and the name of the person who will be acting as your supervisor as we will need to check some paperwork with them.

Inform Us

3. Use existing Committee, Rep, or Student Media roles

 You can use the work you do in your volunteer role or position to use towards the CDM. If you hold such a position, you can email us to confirm your current placement. Spaces are limited, so the earlier you apply the better. Whilst the module is more targeted towards Lead Committee roles, students who are sharing roles or who hold other prominent roles within their student group may be eligible but will need to put forward a proposal and have this agreed by the CDM team at NUSU.

Check your Eligibility