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Community Impact Awards


PLEASE NOTE:  In these unprecedented times, we need good news and stories of excellence more than ever. For this reason, while we may not be able to host awards ceremonies in the real world any time soon, the Celebrating Success Awards nominations are still going ahead, and we really hope you’ll spend a few minutes telling us about the brilliant students you know!

Nominations are now open for the 2020 Community Impact Awards! So if you'd like to nominate yourself, an outstanding individual, or group for their impact on the community, then make sure you submit your nomination before the deadline of Monday 13 April (Easter Monday).

Loads of you have given your time to volunteer with children and young people. Between you, you’ve transformed gardens in schools, taught art skills, offered study support and so much more. We want to celebrate all that you’ve done to make Newcastle a happier, safer, better place for youngsters.

The rare diamonds who do so much often keep it on the down-low, so we’re asking you to think about your friends, flatmates and course mates who’ve made a difference. If they volunteer regularly or do great things but are perhaps too modest, we’d love to shout about them, so get in touch.

Newcastle prides itself on being a culturally diverse place and we want to hear from those who have encouraged and celebrated this - helping make our city vibrant, welcoming and somewhere people are proud to call home.

This award is for those of you who volunteer their time to help fellow students. Maybe you are a peer mentor as part of your course, or you volunteer at the Student Advice Centre? If your volunteering helps other students, then this could be the award for you.

There are a lot of green-minded students in Newcastle and you all deserve a medal for making our planet happier. We’re after the people who’ve really gone the extra mile to promote sustainability or environmentalism.

This award is for those who have encouraged integration of people in the uni or wider community who otherwise might have been isolated for reasons such as disability, age or social class. Nominations should demonstrate the positive ways students have gone out of their way to be inclusive.

We like people with good ideas. Have you launched your own project? Made an existing project better with your contribution? Maybe you spotted a gap in the volunteering market and filled it. We’d love to hear from you.

This award is for all those who have actively promoted or encouraged healthy living or helped those in need. You might have fundraised for a charity close to your heart, given time helping at a hospice or raised awareness of a cause in an innovative way.

Our students do a massive amount of volunteering in the local community, working with charities and not-for-profit groups all over the city. This award recognises those whose efforts have benefited the student community and impacted positively on the wider community.

All good projects need a leader. Not someone who barks orders, but the person who ensures things run smoothly. Have you organised events or activities to benefit others? Rallied round to make sure everyone knows what to do and where to be? Projects couldn’t run without people like you, so give yourself a pat on the back and nominate yourself (or someone else) for the Student Leadership Award.

Without the tireless work of fundraisers many amazing charities and projects simply would not exist. Organising a fashion show, bag-packs or a bake sale are all good tried and tested ways of raising money, but whatever you have done to raise money for a cause we want to hear from you.

We are always amazed at the number of new projects which emerge each year and this award is to recognise those which only a year ago did not even exist and are now having a positive impact on students and the wider community every single day.