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The NUMed Awards
(Malaysia Campus)

PLEASE NOTE: In these unprecedented times, we need good news and stories of excellence more than ever. For this reason, while we may not be able to host awards ceremonies in the real world any time soon, the Celebrating Success Awards nominations are still going ahead, and we really hope you’ll spend a few minutes telling us about the brilliant students you know!

The NUMed Awards are open for nominations! The awards were established in 2019 under the 2018/2019 Student Association, in collaboration with NUSU to recognise the contributions of NUMed students in going above and beyond our roles in order to make an impact, no matter how big or small.


Community Impact Category

This award is for those of you who volunteer their time to help fellow students. Maybe you are a peer mentor as part of your course, or you volunteer at any events or workshop conducted at the Faculty. If your volunteering helps other students, then this could be the award for you.


Societies Category

Some societies may not have got off to the greatest start, no fault of their own. Maybe they received a poor Handover or had never held any events before or were in poor financial situation. The most Improved Society would have turned it all around to become a pro-active society that engaged with all of its members in a variety of different ways.

With almost 20 active societies all doing amazing stuff it takes a lot to be named ‘Society of the Year’. Whether its hosting workshops, organizing a variety of socials, fundraising a charity or volunteering projects, or looking out for student wellbeing, this award is for society that has consistently provided members with great experiences over the year across all areas.

All students on society committees volunteer their own free time to try and enhance the student experience and so many of them do an incredible job. This award is to acknowledge an individual who consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that their society members are looked after, who takes on extra responsibilities when necessary and who supports their team.

Engaging with the wider community outside of society members can offer a wealth of valuable experiences. Whether it’s across the University community or out into the City and beyond, a society that actively looks to have an impact outside of the Union could be eligible for this award.

Societies, Clubs or even Student Association are so diverse in their activities it is likely that many events hosted for members do not fit into either of the performance, campaign, or fundraiser categories but are equally important in enhancing the student experience.

Sports Award Category

A club that has shown considerable amounts of progression, increasing both their performance and participation.

This club has performed at a high standard throughout the year and brought home a multitude of wins. Not only have they helped with the success of NUMed Team, their spirit and dedication make the team a welcoming environment and reflects the positivity and enthusiasm.


Student Rep Category

This member of staff will have helped facilitate strong student representation in their school or academic unit, enabling the student voice to play a key role in its decision making. They will have helped provide excellent support to their Student-Staff Committee(s) and student representation in general and ensured practical arrangements and resources are in place to support and promote the work of the committees.

This School Rep will have made an outstanding contribution to the student voice in their school. Always acting in the best interests of those they represent and playing an active role on the various University and SSC committees they attend; the winner will have facilitated demonstrable student-led change at school or faculty level that has enhanced the academic experience of those they represent.

This award will be given to a Student-Staff Committee that has consistently demonstrated exemplary practice during the academic year. Nurturing productive working relationships between students and staff, the Committee will have worked together to facilitate tangible, positive changes that have enhanced the academic experience.