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Societies Awards


PLEASE NOTE: In these unprecedented times, we need good news and stories of excellence more than ever. For this reason, while we may not be able to host awards ceremonies in the real world any time soon, the Celebrating Success Awards nominations are still going ahead, and we really hope you’ll spend a few minutes telling us about the brilliant students you know!

Nominations are now open for the 2020 Socieities Awards! So if you'd like to nominate yourself, an outstanding individual, group or society for their impact in or for Societies at the Students' Union, then make sure you submit your nomination before the deadline of Monday 13 April (Easter Monday).

With over 50 course-based societies, this award goes to the society who has most successfully managed to integrate academic study with social events and activities enabling members to have a well-rounded experience creating a space outside of the lecture theatre to discuss topics, share ideas and have fun.

New societies are ratified regularly. To be eligible for this award you need to have been ratified this academic year. The best would have actively recruited members and delivered a whole new range of activities for students. The winner of this award will be one to watch in future years.

Societies are fundraising champions, coming up with ever-more creative and exciting ways to raise money for great causes. The best fundraising event may have raised thousands of pounds for a chosen charity or brought students and the wider community together or purely offered a fun and enjoyable evening for members.

Showcases, spectacles and surprises – any event hosted in front of an audience could be in the running for Best Performance Event of the year.

Societies work tirelessly to raise awareness around topical issues and get the student voice heard. The best society led campaign/conference would have had a huge impact on students and/or the wider community.

Societies are so diverse in their activities it is likely that many events hosted for members do not fit into either of the performance, campaign, or fundraiser categories but are equally important in enhancing the student experience.

Societies are so fantastic alone but imagine what they could achieve if they came together and collaborated? Any societies that have done just that are eligible for this award whether it be a trip, conference or social.

Some societies may not have got off to the greatest start, no fault of their own. Maybe they received a poor Handover or had never held any events before or were in poor financial situation. The Most Improved Society would have turned it all around to become a pro-active society that engages with all of its members in a variety of different ways.

ThisEngaging with the wider community outside of society members can offer a wealth of valuable experiences. Whether it’s across the University community or out into the City and beyond, a society that actively looks to have an impact outside of the Union could be eligible for this award.

All students on society committees volunteer their own free time to try and enhance the student experience and so many of them do an incredible job. This award is to acknowledge an individual who consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that their society members are looked after, who takes on extra responsibilities when necessary and who supports their team.

With almost 200 active societies all doing amazing stuff it takes a lot to be named ‘Society of the Year’. Whether it’s hosting fundraisers, organising a variety of socials, offering opportunities for CV-enhancing experiences, or looking out for student wellbeing, this award is for a society that has consistently provided members with great experiences over the year across all areas.

This individual/society has gone above and beyond to improve inclusivity in their society. They have fully engaged in the Union’s inclusivity policies i.e. implementing a Welfare Officer, fulfilling the Inclusive Society Award aims, engaging with Widening Participation and ensuring that all society members are getting the most out of their experience.