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Student Rep Awards

We are delighted to announce all of the nominations for this year's Student Rep Awards! This year we received a record breaking 124 nominations for the Student Rep Awards. Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate. 

Due to ongoing Covid-19 lockdown, we won’t be able to host the usual awards ceremony in Venue as normal. Instead, we’ll be inviting the shortlisted candidates (who will be selected from the full list of nominees below) to attend an online ceremony on Tuesday 12 May. We’ll announce the winners on social media after the ceremony and post the video of the ceremony online after it’s finished for you all to watch.

Course Rep UG of the Year

Emily Aston (Politics and Sociology)

Joseph Caddick (English Language, Linguistics & Modern Language)

Aurelia Claudia (Dental Sciences)

Tamsyn Cummins (Speech & Language Therapy)

Abigail Darby (Law)

Alfie Lee (MBBS)

Bhumit Mistry (Architecture & Urban Planning)

Joe Skilbeck-Dunn (Chemistry)

Zixiao Yuan (Electronic Computer Engineering)

Ali Zuhad (Business Management)


Course Rep PG of the Year

Lauren Aspery (MLitt English Literature)

Swetha Nittala Govindaraju (Accounting, Finance & Strategic Investment)

Venkata Srikanth Pitta (Microelectronics)

Ameya Sawant (Accounting, Finance & Strategic Investment)

Yixiao Wang (Cross Cultural Communication and Education)


Student Chair of the Year

Jennifer Carr (Modern Languages UG)

Tamsyn Cummins (Speech & Language Sciences)

Stephen Dawes (NUSU Student Council)

Owen Dewey (Combined Honours)

Katie Eaton (Psychology UG)

Alfie Lee (MBBS Year 1)

Marina Mikheeva (NU London Pathway)

Holly Murphy (Dental Sciences Phase II)

Swetha Nittala Govindaraju (PGT Accounting & Finance)

Emma Shackleston (MBBS Year 5)

Dimitrios Tzerakis (Electrical Engineering UG)


Student Secretary of the Year

David Card (Combined Honours)

Andrew McMeiken (Planning)

Pratheek Ramesh (Mechanical Engineering)

Ameya Sawant (PGT Accounting and Finance)

Dimitra Vappa (Marketing and Management UG)


School Rep UG of the Year

Roxana Caia (Arts & Cultures UG)

Harry Craig (Dental Sciences UG)

Charlotte Fielding (Modern Languages UG)

Liane Scott (London UG)

Emily Skinner (Law UG)


School Rep PG of the Year

Pooja Ramesh (Engineering PGT)

Ayushi Shah (Arts & Cultures PGT)

Jacoub Sleibi (Business School PGR)

Connie Xie (Modern Languages PGT)


Staff Facilitator of the Year

Colin Davie (Engineering PGR)

Ruth Furlonger (Combined Honours)


SSC of the Year

Biology and Marine Science Student-Staff Committee

Modern Languages Undergraduate Student-Staff Committee

Planning Student Voice Committee


Community Rep of the Year

Charlotte Sowter (West Jesmond Community Rep)

Rebecca Woodcock (Jesmond)


Hall Rep of the Year

Tamzin Hunter (St Mary's)

Venkata Srikanth Pitta (Kensington Terrace)


Campaign of the Year

Black is Gold (Sara Elkhawad)

This HAS to Happen (Sohum Pandya/Rabeeyah Cheema)

Rock the Cis-tem (Tobias Lawrence)

Safety Net Petition (Abigail Darby)


Liberation Officer of the Year

Rabeeyah Cheema (Racial Equality)

Eleasha Haslam (Marginalised Genders)

Tobias Lawrence (LGBT+)


Changemaker of the Year

Eleanor Brown (Society Secretary)

Abigail Darby (Course Rep)

Sian Dickie (Commuting Students' Officer)

Hussnain Shahid (NUSU Student Summit Attendee)

Khaleel Shazada (EDI Rep)

This award recognises an individual or group of student representatives, campaigners of council members who has made an impactful positive change to the student experience. Whether it is the work of a particular committee, the impact of a Student Council motion, or the efforts of an individual, we want to make sure they know that the change they created had a big impact!