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Student Rep Awards


PLEASE NOTE: In these unprecedented times, we need good news and stories of excellence more than ever. For this reason, while we may not be able to host awards ceremonies in the real world any time soon, the Celebrating Success Awards nominations are still going ahead, and we really hope you’ll spend a few minutes telling us about the brilliant students you know!

Nominations are now open for the Student Rep Awards! So if you are, or know someone who has been an amazing student representative or has made a positive change to the student experience, then make sure you submit your nomination before the deadline of Monday 13 April (Easter Monday).

For the 2020 Student Rep Awards, there are 13 categories from which you can nominate. The categories recognise outstanding Academic, Community and Hall Representatives, NUSU Liberation Officers and the staff member who has been the most incredible support to the student's voice.  

This award will be given to an undergraduate Course Rep who has effectively represented students on their programme this year. The winner will have actively sought student input on how to enhance their degree programme, such as the content, teaching and learning resources. They will have used this information to make a positive contribution to meetings, ensuring that the views of their cohort are listened to and acted upon by staff.

The winner of this award will be an exceptional Postgraduate (Taught or Research) Course Rep. Recognising the unique challenges posed by postgraduate study, they will have worked closely with their cohort to represent their views and to bring about positive, student-led change benefit current and future students.

This School Rep will have made an outstanding contribution to the undergraduate student voice in their School. Acting in the best interests of those they represent and playing an active role on the various University and Students’ Union committees they attend, the winner will have enhanced the academic experience of students in their School.

The winner of this award will have played an active role in their School and Faculty, working closely with students, staff and the Students’ Union to secure change that has had a tangible, positive impact on the academic experience of postgraduate students. These changes may include (but are not limited to) improving the provision of academic resources, contributing to the enhancement of facilities, or improving the support provided for postgraduate students.

This member of staff will have helped facilitate strong student representation in their school or academic unit, enabling the student voice to play a key role in its decision making. They will have provided excellent support to the Student Reps they work with and ensured practical arrangements and resources are in place to support the committees and promote the work of its members.

This award will be given to a Student-Staff (or Student Voice) Committees that have consistently demonstrated exemplary practice during the course of the academic year. Creating productive working relationships between students and staff, the Committee will have worked together to represent the views of the students and enhance the student experience.

This award recognises an individual or group of student representatives, campaigners or council members who have made an impactful and positive change to the student experience!

The winner of this award will be a Student Secretary who has excelled in all aspects of the role. They will have ensured that all relevant information has been circulated to their committee members in a timely fashion, as well as supporting the Chair wherever necessary. In so doing, they will have enabled their Committee to run smoothly and created a positive atmosphere in which to achieve change.

This award will be given to a Student Chair who has demonstrated outstanding leadership of their committee. Whether it is through effective preparation, good communication or working closely with others, they will have created a positive environment at meetings that has enabled members to develop positive solutions and create change.

This award recognises the students who ran the campaign which you believe had the most impact this year. Whether it raised awareness of a particular issue, encouraged you to join a support network or inspired you to campaign yourself, we want to know how your favourite campaign improved your University experience.

The Hall Rep of the Year will have shown a real commitment to the role and impacted positively on your time in halls. They may have been active in gathering student views and creating solutions to the issues raised or they may have actively campaigned for a better student experience. They may have also given effective feedback to the students in your halls and promoted any changes or achievements.

The Community Rep of the Year is someone who has shown an outstanding commitment to representing students in your local area and who has made a positive difference to the community. They may have they ensured that the student voice is heard, campaigned to help solve a particular issue, or generally improved the student experience in your local area.

This award recognises an individual or group of student representatives, campaigners of council members who has made an impactful positive change to the student experience. Whether it is the work of a particular committee, the impact of a Student Council motion, or the efforts of an individual, we want to make sure they know that the change they created had a big impact!