Career Development Module

An optional module available on many courses: the Career Development Module looks at 4 key graduate skill areas: Planning & Organising, Communication, Teamwork and Personal Enterprise.  The module aims to help you develop these skills through practical application during your 70 hours as well as via seminars and skills audits.

VOLUNTEERING PLACEMENTS:  Current year placements are now live and you can request their contact details via this website.  Simply click on the 'Placements' photo below and click the green 'sign up' button on the relevant opportunity.  NOTE: The list of placements is constantly being updated so please check back to see if there is anything new if nothing appeals at the moment, but placements will also be removed once filled. 

If you would prefer you can source your own placement with a charity by approaching them directly and explaining the CDM role.  You may find the information here useful.  Once you have gained agreement on a placement please email to inform us of the organisation, your role and the name of the person who will be acting as your supervisor as we will need to check some paperwork with them.

CLUB & SOCIETY PLACEMENTS:  If you have been elected as the President, Secretary or Treasurer of a club or society for 2018/19 you can use this role as your CDM placement. All you need to do is select the module from your course options and email Liz at with the details of the role and club/society.  This is a great option for any students in one of these 3 roles but places are limited for this route so the earlier you apply the better.  (Note: students who are sharing roles or who hold other roles prominent roles within their club or society may be eligable but will need to put forward a proposal and have this agreed by the CDM team at NUSU - please do not assume that because the roles have been used previously the same will automatically apply)


Is this for me? 
View our Decision Diagram, which briefly details what your choices are for the Career Development Module, how to register, which route to choose, and how to get started!
If you are unsure about anything with regards to taking the volunteering route of CDM please come and see Liz Gulliver in the NUSU Activities office or email 
If you have a question regarding any other routes or would like more information on the methods of assessment for any of the routes please contact the Careers department.