Career Development Module

The Career Development Module looks at 4 key graduate skill areas: Planning & Organising, Communication, Teamwork and Personal Enterprise.  The module aims to help you develop these skills through practical application during your 70 hours as well as via seminars and skills audits.

Does your course allow you to choose your modules next year?

You'll be choosing your modules in early May online, but before you do, should you consider CDM?  Read of the information below and find out if it's something you'd like. 

Here at the Students' Union we deal specifically with the Student Volunteering route of CDM. Other routes include Student Tutoring, and Learn From Work which are both managed by the University Careers Department.

If you are here to look for a placement, click the Placements box and browse what's on offer (from the end of March)


Is this for me? 
View our Decision Diagram, which briefly details what your choices are for the Career Development Module, how to register, which route to choose, and how to get started!
If you are unsure about anything with regards to taking the volunteering route of CDM please come and see Liz Gulliver in the NUSU Activities office or email 
If you have a question regarding any other routes or would like more information on the methods of assessment for any of the routes please contact the Careers department.
How to apply for a placement
Simply take a look at all the available placements and when you see one you are interested in click the green "sign up/ Request information" button.  You will then be sent an automatic email with the contact details on for that placement and all you need to do is get in contact saying that you are interested in their CDM placement.  Please remember to state it is CDM you are interested in when you enquire as many of the organisations also offer general volunteering and the CDM placements are different.