Graduate Skills for CDM


The main aim of the Career Development Module is to develop the 4 main graduate skills within your 70 hours worth of volunteering, and be able to apply these to your module assessments and also be able to articulate these for future success (in job interviews, applications, etc)

These are the main skills that employers have highlighted they look for in graduates: 

Graduate Skill

Planning & Organising Set targets, plan actions and manage time and resources effectively to achieve personal and organisational goals.
Communication Use speech, writing, non-verbal methods and technology effectively to present and exchange opinions, ideas and information.
Team Working Build effective working relationships and collaborate with other people. 
Personal Enterprise Use creative problem solving to respond to opportunities to improve own performance and work processes.


For the module, the student will be required to develop these, and to self-reflect and communicate how exactly they have developed these through their volunteering. 

The setting of personal and professional goals and targets to achieve, which tie in with your development of the graduate skills, should be set during the Initial stages of your volunteering. These should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Acheiveable, Realistic and Timely)

Communication of your development of these graduate skills should be made through regular meetings with your assigned placement supervisor, where you will update them as to your progress in tasks, how you have developed certain skills, how well you have developed them, as well as any obstacles you have faced and how you have overcame these.

Self-reflection of this will be achieved through further discussion of these goals and advancements during each Regular Placement Supervisor Meeting, where you will review your progress in your set tasks and skills.

The academic side of the module (dealt with through your module tutor and module seminars), provide you with guidance and methods to aid your specific skills development and your self-reflection, such as Skills Audit and E-Portfolio on BlackBoard.