Information for Organisations


Are you a charity or a non-profit organisation? If so, you could be eligible to host a Career Development Student!


Please take a look at the information below and if you would like to get involved email Liz Gulliver.


Students:  If you are looking for your own placement please ensure you the organisation is aware of ALL the information on this page.




The Career Development Module is a 20 credit module that students can take as part of their degree. This requires them to undertake 70 hours volunteering at a placement throughout the academic year, from Semester 1 (October) until the end of Semester 2 (April/May). The student is required to split the hours evenly across the 2 semesters, so a minimum of 30 hours in each Semester.  This works out at about 4 hours volunteering per week.


The Student

The student is required to develop 4 main graduate skills throughout their time volunteering for the module. These are:

  • Planning & Organising
  • Communication
  • Team working
  • Personal Enterprise

The students on the programme are committed to their hours and ready to do the best job possible in helping to drive your charity forward.


The Placement

You can choose to host more than one student for the Career Development Module. 

The placement opportunity would offer the student(s) volunteering experience that provides them with the ability to demonstrate and develop the graduate skills throughout their time there. 

The placement opportunity would enable each student to complete 70 hours in total from October until April/May, with a minimum of 30 hours in each university Semester.

The placement must be able to offer the student a named placement supervisor, ideally that person which would be most involved with or managing the student. This duty would be no more of a demand than supervising a normal volunteer.

The placement supervisor would be required to meet regularly (advised fortnightly for 10-15 mins) with the student, sign a Record of Activities form at each visit (like a log-sheet), and a Placement Supervisor Evaluation Form to be filled out at the end of the placement which contributes to 25% of their overall module mark.


General Details

As our students are required to do 70 hours of volunteering at their placement, they provide a consistent commitment to an organisation. The placements our students do vary from project-based placements, with a finished product at the placement to helping run pre-existing, on-going programmes offered by your organisation. The types of work our students do range from administration to marketing, to more people focused projects such as mentoring and befriending or helping with after-school programmes for children. We seek to give students the opportunity for practical experience that will help improve their employability skills and prepare them for a career after university.



Click for a list of Benefits for Organisations hosting placements for the Career Development Module.


The Process

Click here for The Process of hosting a placement for CDM works.

We encourage all organisations to arrange a meeting with prospective CDM students prior to accepting them.  This allows everyone involved to ask questions and be sure the placement is a good match.

If your organisation requires the student to hold a DBS certificate it is up to the placement to arrange, and if necessary, pay for this.  If your organisation requires references you can ask students to provide details but it is up to the placement to arrange this.

If your organisation has the capacity to host a student for the 2017-18 academic year (beginning of October until April/May), or would like more information, please contact


The Initial Visit

The student is encouraged to organise an initial visit with you in order to prepare basic documentation, and discuss with you the relevant tasks and practical considerations, prior to starting their volunteering at the placement.

It is up to the student to organise this with you as well as guiding what should be covered including important documents. The student should contact you in October, once placement confirmation has been given by you, and arrange the Initial Meet to take place between approx. the 2nd week October until the end of the month. Any other agendas that the placement wishes to cover, or feels will be beneficial to cover, are entirely up to you in line with your general policies and procedures for initiating volunteers into the workplace.