There are 3 different routes that students can register on for the Career Development Module.

Please Note: The Students' Union deals only with the Student Volunteering route.

This route is suitable for students who wish to do their module placement in a voluntary role, either with the Students' Union or in an external organisation (often a charity). There are three main ways to get a volunteering placement.

1.   List of Placements on CDM Website

Use this website, and click on the ‘Placements’ tab or click here. This contains all available internal (within the Students' Union) and external placements (in the local community).

Important note: Please state that you are looking to take up a CDM placement when contacting these organisations as they also take on regular volunteers and as there are different requirements for the module it is important they are aware at the first enquiry.


Internal Placements include: Go Volunteer projects, opportunities with Student Advice Centre, and volunteering with Activities programmes such as Hall Sport and Global Conversation.

External Placements are placements with many charities, both national and local, such as Oxfam, Teenage Cancer Trust, Newcastle Bridges School, and the Star and Shadow Cinema.

Have a look at any and all placements that interest you. If there’s a placement you’d be interested in doing, click on the button on the placement page to register your interest.


You will then recieve an automated email with the contact details for the placement.  It is then up to you to either email or phone them to discuss their application system.  All placements have different recruitment processes but most will ask you to visit them for a meeting as a first step.  (If you have not received the contact details within 24 hours please contact )


2.   Club & Society roles

Students volunteering on the Committee of a club or society can use these roles for the Career Development Module.

Please note: The only Club and Society committee roles that are normally eligible are President, Treasurer or Secretary. This is because these roles have well-defined responsibilities that develop the skills assessed by the module.

Other committee roles may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch if you would like to consider using another position and you will be asked to meet with a staff member to discuss if it is possible.

Please note: within this option places are limited so students wishing to use their eligible role for this should register on the Career Development Module and notify as soon as possible of their intention to use this role for CDM. 


3.   Find your Own Placement

If you wish to work with a specific charity that is not on our website, or already have a volunteering role that meets the module criteria, then you can you use this as your CDM placement – so long as you let both us and the placement know!

Contact the organisation and explain the module making sure you are clear about their resoponsibilities as they are different to regular volunteering, and see if they have any capacity for you in a suitable role with sufficient hours. There is some useful information for organisations here that you may wish to use inorder to help with your explanation.

It may also be that you are already volunteering somewhere and would like to use this as your placement for the module.  Simply speak to your regular contact at the organisation and explain wht the module is about and what is required in the same way.  Hopefully as you are already a valued volunteer they will be happy to support you and then just let us know.

The Careers Service also has a useful Volunteering Section with links to search engines and sites for Volunteering Opportunities. More Information

This route is suitable for those who want to provide tutoring and mentoring support to learners. This can be in a primary school, secondary school or college, special school or on the University campus. More information

Please note: The Students' Union only deals with the Student Volunteer Route. Queries about Student Tutoring should be asked through Careers Service, and by contacting Marketing and Student Recruitment.

This is suitable for students who already have a part-time job either on or off campus.

This includes Newcastle University Alumni Association, Newcastle University Students' Union bars, part-time term-time work (paid or unpaid), self-employment, or continuation of an industrial placement. More information

Please note: The Students' Union only deals with the Student Volunteer Route. Queries about Learning From Work should be asked through Careers Service