Decolonising NCL x BHM Panel Discussion
Tuesday 02 November 2021 at noon - 1pm

Decolonising NCL x BHM Panel Discussion

Blue Stretch Tent, Students' Union Building

Join the Panel Discussion

Last year NUSU launched the Decolonise NCL campaign and whilst it created the seeds for change, we still have a long way to go. So, what really is decolonising the curriculum? Can it really apply to all areas of university life? And how the heck do we make it happen? To burst the myths, join your Welfare & Equality Officer, Education Officer, representatives from the university, and a guest speaker at 12 pm. The event will be held in the outdoor Blue Stretch Tent on Kings Walk for our panel discussion on Decolonising NCL. For those who cannot attend the event in person, with the help of NUTV we will be live streaming this event. Link coming closer to the time.   

What is Decolinising NCL?

We seek commitments and assurances from the University to move beyond the mere touch-up of reading lists and demand to see the practice of decolonisation embedded, at every level of the decision-making at the University. Our current aims set out in our Decolonising NCL campaign are: 

  • Create a glossary of definitions to explain Decolonising NCL and related work on race and decolonising.
  • All three faculties to commit to the principle of decolonising and 60% of academic units pledge to decolonise the curriculum by the end of the academic year, through the Decolonising NCL Pledge.
  • 25 student groups (societies and clubs) to commit to the principle of decolonising through the Decolonising NCL Pledge.
  • 75% of NUSU Survey respondents to be aware of the Decolonising NCL campaign and its events.
  • 100 student attendees engaging in our programme of events throughout the year.
  • Collect 10 quotes from students saying how Decolonising NCL has had a positive impact on their experience.

Finishes at 13:00