Lundgren Tours Coastal Walk from Craster to Embleton Bay
Sunday 13 March 2022 at 10am - 6pm

Lundgren Tours Coastal Walk from Craster to Embleton Bay

Craster, Northumberland


£28.00 (Give it a Go)
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We're so excited to add this new trip to the programme as it's one of our favourite walks in Northumberland!

Join us on an adventure along one of our favourite walks in the North-East of England along the Whin Sill from Craster to Embleton Bay. The walk is divided into two parts. We start by walking along the grassy sea front on top of a plateau of volcano rock towards the mighty Dunstanburgh castle, the once largest castle in England (and my personal favourite castle). This walk offers absolutely stunning views of the Northumbrian Coastline and is captivating for wildlife and nature lovers. On the other side of Dunstanburgh Castle is Embleton Bay Beach with its golden coastline and massive sand dunes. There is lots of fun to be had on this fantastic beach. Become one with nature and enjoy one of Lundgren Tours’ personal favourite areas in Northumberland.

Tour Itinerary:


Depart from Hancock Museum lay-by Barras Bridge NE2 4PT


Arrive in Craster and walk to Dunstanburgh Castle


Enjoy lunch on the stunning Northumberland Coastline before continuing to Embleton Bay Beach


Depart from Embleton Bay


Set-down: Hancock Museum lay-by Barras Bridge NE2 4PT

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Finishes at 18:00