Just for Post Grads - Fitness Yoga
Friday 04 February 2022 at 5:15pm - 6pm

Just for Post Grads - Fitness Yoga

Studio 3, University Sports Centre


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Just for Post Grads - Fitness Yoga

Teaming up with Sports Services, we have secured a number of opportunities for postgraduates to try a variety of fitness classes on offer throughout the Just for Post Grads Campaign week.

This class is a total body programme that incorporates stretch, strength, relaxation and balance. As well as enhancing overall fitness and stress management the class improves posture, self-awareness and confidence. The combination of flowing moves and static poses can be taught in many different levels, thereby making the class suitable to all age ranges and abilities.

There's no need to bring any equipment with you to class. All mats, weights, balls, bands and any other props you may need during class are provided. We recommend wearing fitness clothing (leggings, shorts, t-shirt are ideal). Most importantly make sure you are comfortable.

Please purchase a 'Free' ticket below to secure your spot on this in person activity. Numbers are limited so please reserve a place to avoid disappointment. As always please get in touch if you need any adjustments or have any questions about the classes. You do not require any membership to enjoy this class, securing a ticket will get you access to sports centre to enjoy. 

Finishes at 18:00