Saturday 20 August 2022 at 9:40am - 6:15pm

Lundgren Tours Game Of Thrones themed tour of Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland


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Step back in time with this historical tour of Hadrian's Wall brought to life through Game of Thrones by the fantastic Lundgren Tours!

The initial inspiration for George RR Martin’s masterpiece began when he was in England visiting a friend in 1981. When they approached the border of England and Scotland, they visited Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland. George stood up high on top of the wall and imagined what it would be like to be a Roman Legionary, looking out into the distant hills and unknown lands north of the wall. Almost 2000 years ago, this wall was built to mark the end of civilisation, to mark the end of the world as the Romans knew it and above all to keep out any unknown threats, monsters and dark forces that would threaten their territory. Of course we now know those threats to be the Celtic Scots. Back then however, Roman Centurions would have no idea what was beyond the wall and had to face the fear of the unknown. It was this that lead to the creation of the 300 mile long by 700 feet tall ‘Wall’ in Game of Thrones. Come experience what it was like to be both a Roman Guardian and a Celtic Invader as we explore the history of the best-preserved frontier of the Roman Empire as well as visiting locations such as Sycamore Gap for the ultimate photo opportunities among breathtaking scenery. Imagination is a wonderful thing and fortunately for us Autumn has come, not Winter.

Trip itinerary:


Depart from The Great North Museum: Hancock lay-by, Barras Bridge, NE2 4PT


Depart from Northumbria University Business School car park near Sainsbury's Local, 1 Falconar Street, NE2 1UY


Arrive at Housesteads where we’ll commence our walk to Hadrian’s Wall. Learn what it was like to be a Roman Guardian or a Celtic Invader as we compare this to the hit TV series Game of Thrones


Walk along Hadrian's Wall through variety of landscapes with the most stunning scenery. Starting with a short walk actually on the wall, we will then get the textbook photo of the wall from Cuddy's Crag looking back at the wall and appreciating how amazing it was to build a wall zig zagging along Northumberland National Park. We will then have steep descent into Crag Lough amongst a forest next to Lake Lough. On the other side of the crag we will descend to Sycamore Gap.

1300 (Bring your own food to eat here)

Experience the best photo opportunities at Sycamore Gap with a beautiful sycamore tree positioned in the centre of two crags. Have a well earned rest or instead worship GOT's Old Gods by praying to the Weirwood Tree (sycamore tree)


Final climb to Steel Rigg Crag and the highest point on Hadrian's Wall for before walking to the Twice Brewed Inn pub for a pint to reward yourselves


Arrive at The Twice Brewed Inn pub and also have a look around the Sill Discovery Centre


Re-group at The Twice Brewed Inn car park for coach departure


Coach departs from The Twice Brewed Inn car park


Set-down at the same Newcastle Pickup Locations

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Finishes at 18:15