Halloween Spooktacular Maze at Brocksbushes
Tuesday 30 October 2018 at 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Halloween Spooktacular Maze at Brocksbushes

Meet outside the Hatton Gallery, beside Northern Stage, NUSU

Brocksbushes line up scariest Halloween event yet - are you brave enough for Mine Shaft Thirteen. Earlier this year Brockbushes stumbled across an old, abandoned mine shaft on the grounds more specifically, at the location of our Halloween maze. This is strange in itself, but there have been more, even stranger events that have occurred since.After some digging, we discovered the name of the shift via an old rickety sign. Mine Shaft 13. We tried to find out about the mine using the internet, scouring old newspapers and asking locals, but there was nothing to be found; It was almost as if the mine never existed or that any stories were son covered up.Workers on the farm soon started to feel uneasy around the maze, telling us that they wouldn?t go near it alone, some felt faint or physically ill. One even went to work in the maze, left early feeling unwell and has still not returned.Things only got worse over time, earlier this month people have reported mysterious figures lingering in and around the maze and shadows moving in strange ways. Most nights people have heard the clangs and groans of tools and machinery long forgotten in these parts, not to mention moans and whispers not of this world. One worker claims to have heard three words repeated,  

We are the Thirteen! Leave now!Next it will be your turn to enter the Mine Shaft Thirteen.. if you dare

Please note the whole experience is an outdoor event and appropriate clothing is advised.