Catalan Film Screening: Incerta Glòria
Monday 11 March 2019 at 5pm - 8pm

Catalan Film Screening: Incerta Glòria

History Room, Newcastle University Students’ Union

Incerta glòria (Uncertain Glory) is a Catalan film (2017) set during the Spanish Civil War directed by Agustí Villaronga and produced by Isona Passola. It is based on the homonymous book written by Joan Sales (1956).

Starring Marcel Borràs, Oriol Pla, Bruna Cusí i Núria Prims, the film explains the story of a Republican young officer destined for a position in the Front of Aragon, 1937. He will hopelessly fall for the charms of a deceitful femme-fatale who will not hesitate to use him in her best interest.

When Lluís, a disinterested Spanish soldier, meets Carlana, he falls quickly in love, but soon discovers that Carlana’s true passion is power.

Original version with English subtitles.

Refreshments will be provided. 

With thanks to the Language Department and the Institut Ramon Llull for hosting this event. 

This event will be capped at 25 people.

Finishes at 20:00