Taekwondo Taster Session
Thursday 26 September 2019 at 7:45pm - 10pm

Taekwondo Taster Session

University Sport & Fitness Centre (Studio 1)

Do you want to meet new people and have fun while getting fit?

Do you want to learn discipline and gain self-confidence? Then Taekwondo could be for you. This Korean martial art, meaning ‘the way of the foot and the fist’, caters for all.

Whether you want to learn to spar and go on to compete, or you just want to come along and enjoy yourself, Taekwondo is the club for you!

Come along to one of our taster sessions and see for yourself why Taekwondo has become so popular.


We'll meet you outside Studio 1, you do not require sport centre membership for this event.

Finishes at 22:00