This Girl Can - Karate
Monday 03 February 2020 at 6:55pm - 8:30pm

This Girl Can - Karate

University Sport & Fitness Centre - Studio One

This Girl Can Opportunity

Newcastle University Karate Club are opening its training doors for This Girl Can. No membership for the sports centre is needed, 

The session will be aimed at introducing the women to Martial Arts and teaching them a bit about Karate and self-defence. 

Our Karate sessions take place in a fun environment in which individuals can also develop their fitness and self-confidence. The TGC session will focus on learning some basic attacks and kicks, as well as some defensive techniques, and will introduce a system used by Karateka to memorise Karate techniques and defence.

If you have any questions or would like some further assistance please get in touch.


Finishes at 20:30