Couch to 5k
Tuesday 25 February 2020 at 6pm - 7pm

Couch to 5k

Newcastle University Students' Union (Front Entrance)

Looking for a confidence boost? Or maybe some support to get up and move a little more?

These brand new sessions are perfect for those who wish to challenge themselves or work to a new goal.

We've got our lovely volunteer mentors who will be on hand weekly to support and help you build up fitness and reach that magical 5k.

Once you've found your running feet, we'll be linking in with the local Saturday park run weekly.

Sessions will begin with a meet and greet and it uses a mix of running and walking. The programme will gradually build up your fitness. Whats better, we'll run as a social group for that extra social boost.

Need some assistance? Get in touch and we'll support.

Finishes at 19:00