Travelling Queer People‘ History Show
Tuesday 25 February 2020 at 6:30pm - 9pm

Travelling Queer People‘ History Show

B.32 Barbra Strang

This is epic queer history for the Netflix generation squashing a boxset worth of true queer stories into a show.

Bird la Bird’s Travelling Queer People’s History Show is a spoof lecture which takes a DIY punk approach to history.

Beginning in the vast prison that once stood on the site of today’s Tate Britain, and lovingly traces the lives of queer prisoners across centuries and continents. Flinging the doors of the queer past open she lays bare the interlocking histories of the British Empire, class exploitation and homophobia and links this to contemporary issues of global LGBTQI refugees.

There’s a strong connection to the North East as two of the prisoners Alonzo Johnson and David Denham were prosecuted for having queer sex in Newcastle in 1844. Alonzo was a gender-queer comedian and traveling performer whose extraordinary story spans from Kendal to Newcastle to the penal colonies of Norfolk Island.

The Queer People’s History Show decolonises LGBTI history by taking an inclusive, irreverent approach to the past. Bird uses scouse humor to make history engaging and relevant to contemporary audiences.

The show features a hilarious, informative and emotional voiceover by Liz Carr also featuring Dickie Beau and Adam Scott Rawley. The voiceover integrates audio descriptions for blind audiences with additional commentary and information.

Finishes at 21:00