Wednesday 25 November 2020 at 5pm - 7pm

Do We Need to Decolonise Study Skills?



Study skills such as academic writing, critical thinking, independent learning and avoiding plagiarism are an essential part of succeeding at university. They help us learn the “proper” way to study as a “good” student. However, these are often culturally determined constructs, rooted in white, middle class, western norms of how we should think, act and communicate at university. In this session, Dr Helen Webster, Head of the Writing Development Centre, invites you to join her for a discussion about whether traditional ‘study skills’ impose a privileged, oppressive idea of “the good student”.  She will share some of the theories, values and models that she uses to examine and guide the WDC’s practice, and asks if we need to decolonise not just the curriculum, but the whole pedagogy of how we teach, learn and assess. How might we reimagine university study and the ‘study skills’ you need to succeed, so that learning is recognised and rewarded in richer, more diverse and emancipatory ways? 


Finishes at 19:00