[FULL] CBT Group Workshop 4: Dealing With Critical You
Friday 29 January 2021 at 10am - noon

[FULL] CBT Group Workshop 4: Dealing With Critical You

Online - via Zoom

This workshop is delivered by the Newcastle University Psychological Therapies Training & Research Clinic. People doing post-graduate research degrees can often be very hard on themselves, striving for high standards and to achieve the best that they can. This can come with very self-critical thoughts, or with feelings of being an ‘imposter’ who someone will ‘find out about’ eventually. This workshop focuses on self-critical thoughts, how they impact on your stress-level, motivation to work and how they influence how you feel about yourself. It explores ways of managing these thoughts differently to maintain your wellbeing and confidence. 

This is a 2 hour workshop that aims to modify ‘how we think’ rather than ‘what we think’. It includes exercises based on evidence-based principles to help you explore self-critical thinking and test out ways of responding differently to self-critical thoughts. In the workshop you will: 

  1. Hear from other students and their experience of self-critical thoughts, perfectionism and imposter syndrome  
  2. Come to understand the role and importance of our thoughts in how we feel about yourselves and how we feel more generally 
  3. Understand how avoiding things, putting things off, or overworking can relate to self-critical thinking 
  4. Learn and practice different ways of responding to self-critical thoughts  

Unfortunately, this event is now at capacity.



Finishes at 12:00


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