Origins of the Universe with Kielder Observatory
Thursday 29 April 2021 at 7pm - 8pm

Origins of the Universe with Kielder Observatory

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Take part in this fascinating live virtual experience with the Astronomers from Kielder Observatory, where we'll explore our universe!

The Universe.  Unimaginably large, old and complex.  How did it all begin?  How long has it been around?  When will it end?

From our earthly perspective, humans have sought for solutions to the very beginnings of it all, the stars and bodies within it and ultimately how the universe will end.

Join us on this virtual experince where we will journey through space and time, out into the cosmos to unlock some of the mysteries our universe has to offer.  From our solar system to the large-scale structure of the universe and on to the Big Bang, we will explore our current perceptions of it and the important discoveries made along the way.  This cosmic voyage gives an excellent understanding of the physical universe as a whole and address what it means to exist within it, in a way which is interesting and accessible to all.

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