Face Yoga Course - Workshop 2
Wednesday 26 May 2021 at 7pm - 8pm

Face Yoga Course - Workshop 2

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£1.00 (Student)
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Hopefully you made the Face Yoga introductory session - but don't worry if you didn't - today's workshop will introduce you to the practice of Face Yoga and go in to depth in to working a certain part of the face - the cheeks and lower face! Each workshop will focus on practices for - the forehead and eye area; the cheek area; the jawline and neck; and the mouth and lip area.

So what is Face Yoga? Did you know that we have over 50 and between 60 facial muscles? Well, we do! They are thin muscles supporting our skin. By contracting them in a way that is unconscious and repetitive over the time the skin will reflect that by showing wrinkles. But at the same time by not using them accordingly the skin will appear loose, losing it’s youthful look and tightness. If you think you have never exercised those muscles rethink again! Chewing, talking, making facial expressions are all affecting our appereance, even brushing our teeth and holding our phone!

Great news though, we still can resist that change, and reduce its effect with Face Yoga! 

This is a fun, interactive and above all relaxing workshop in Face Yoga, and we can't wait to see you there!

All you need are washed, clean hands, and you can have a mirror and moisturiser/oil handy too.

For more information and to read about what to expect - check out our activity review!

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Finishes at 20:00