4Shanbe Suri! - Persian Society
Wednesday 18 March 2020 at 7pm - 11:59pm

4Shanbe Suri! - Persian Society

Message for location

??CHAHARSHANBE SURI - an Iranian festivity celebrated on the last Wednesday of the Iranian Calendar. ??

We're hosting an event dedicated to this next Wednesday (18th March) where we'll be providing snacks, drinks & music. Activities for the night will include games and of course the traditional atash paridan.

We ask for a small fee of £2 per member (£4 for non-members). If you are a non-member and wanting to attend, please message the page first.
Due to us hosting smaller events, there will be limited tickets available. This is so that we can assure everyone that the capacity of the events will be smaller and therefore less risky. You can rest assured that we prioritise the safety of all attendees over anything so we are keeping a very close eye on the current situation regarding the virus. Any advancements that we make for our events, we will post on our social media.
Please message our page for details on the location!????

Finishes at 23:59