Bees at the West End Wildflower Corridor Launch
Saturday 28 April 2018 at noon - 3pm

Bees at the West End Wildflower Corridor Launch

The Greening Wingrove Bike Garden

Wildflowers are going to be planted in new meadows, householder pots and a school along the way in a fantastic idea to create the West End Wildflower Corridor.

At this launch event, we will help with the planting but also do some education and outreach on the pollinators on the route (mostly bees, at this time of year!)

Contact Mike to take part in any or each of these three volunteering activities:

1. A Beewalk Survey. Walking in a straight line to spot any bumblebees or other pollinators out and about in the park. This will be the first survey of a longer-term approach to spotting and supporting the bumblebees along the route.

2. Demonstrating the Virtual Hive - Newcastle University Bee Society have a model honeybee hive. We need science explainers and bee enthusiasts to explain what goes on inside. If this is an area new to you, but of interest, you can be trained up in the activity on the Friday before the launch (27th April).

3. Generally being nice and supporting the event! You will have a local buddy to partner up with, and may get involved with flower planting, with helping children take part, or with drinking tea and having a chat.


Finishes at 15:00