The Irishman Screening
Friday 29 November 2019 at 7pm - 11pm

The Irishman Screening

Hi, everyone! We (the committee) are now ready to demonstrate our trust in this society's members by going as far as holding a screening in - you guessed it - one of our houses! So be ready to be entertained by Netflix's well-awaited - 'The Irishman' in a way smaller room than you're used to, surrounded (and sometimes slightly crushed due to lack of space) by your wonderful Film Soc friends ??
For those of you who are not interested in Al Pacino, there's also a pool table and a snacks machine 'cause one of our Social Secretary low key lives in a limited-seats Buckingham Palace.
Please arrive in time as the entire group will be allowed on the premises at the same time ?? love you and see you on Friday ??

Finishes at 23:00