Where Art Thou
Thursday 21 March 2019 at 2pm - 4pm

Where Art Thou

The Lounge

Watch your head is a student ran programme aimed at providing a variety of stress relief workshops for all university students.

There are 5 different workshops including art, boxing, running, yoga and a peer support group.

Each workshops is ran by university students to provide fun and relaxing activities to take your mind off exams or any form of stress.

All workshops are free and every ability is welcome.


The art Workshops are held every Thursday 2-4 pm. Starting after the exam period.

There will be different themes and stations every week, suitable for everyone.

This is a simple activity to help relieve stress and no ability or expertise is needed.

It is simply a time and place you can come and relax with other students who are feeling the stress of university as well, whilst engaging in arts and crafts.

Finishes at 16:00

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