Wiggly Bag Making
Wednesday 29 May 2019 at noon - 2pm

Wiggly Bag Making

The Cube by NUSU reception

Got a spare 15 minutes or maybe a little longer? Drop by the Cube today between 12 and 2 to help us make Wiggly Bags!


What’s a wiggly bag I hear you ask?

Wiggly bags are small handmade bags made for children with Hickmen lines to hold the extra tubes. Wiggly Bags allow children to play whilst keeping their tube clean and tidy.

What’s a Hickmen line?

A Hickman line is a central venous catheter most often used for the administration of chemotherapy or other medications, as well as for the withdrawal of blood for analysis. 

Go Volunteer need volunteers to help make these Wiggly Bags which will be donated to children at the RVI.

If you have a spare 15 minutes pop by and give a helping hand. 


No sewing experience needed, it is extremely simple and all materials are provided.


If you have any questions please email volutneerpw4.union@newcastle.ac.uk

Finishes at 14:00

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