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Wristbands are selling fast, you have over a week to get yours! Averaging to only 5.99 per day*, you will save big with your wristband!


You know what?! 

Your Official 10 day of Freshers! That is only £5.99 a day*. £5.99 is essentially the price of a meal deal and metro ticket but you get free unlimited access to over 50 daytime activities and the biggest nights in Newcastle this September. Chart topping headliners, celebrity guests, comedians, Radio1 DJ's and a lot of surprises. They're selling fast so get yours quick! Buy now.


When should I buy?

The time is now! Freshers officially begins in over a week and you are running out of time to make a purchase! Freshers' can be really expensive when you look at daily costs, so don't miss out on your wristband that will save you so much in the longrun. Buy now.

*your wristband will be one single payment of 59.99 and give you access to everything going on during the 10 days of Freshers. Buy now.




The hotly anticapted return of Pandamonium.

Ask any 2nd or 3rd year and they will most likely remember their freshers as Pandamonium. Join us at The Gate as pandamonium returns with a fully immersive UV festival experience featuring bars, brand new superclub Eden, big name DJ’s and celebrity PA’s (cough, cough… Anton from Love Island), live entertainment, glitter painters, food, pandas and more!




Eat your way through Freshers.

We have the biggest range of free restaurant meals, food crawls and on-campus free food just for wristband holders. We have Fat Hippo, Lola Jeans, Pizza hut, Longhorns, Revolucion DeCuba and many, many more on board giving out completely free meals just for you to enjoy.

We also have our official Chilled Friday on campus where you will be spoilt for choice on what free grub to get. 



Try something completely new to do.

From paintballing to quadbiking, bubble-football to ice skating, we have the biggest range of actrivities for you to really throw yourself intro. Step outside your comfort zone and take the dive into all we have on offer! When you think that Freshers' only costs 5.99 a day and you have unlimited choice to all these big-time activities, it really is worth it.




Taking it easy. 

Freshers is crazy, there's no doubt about that but we have the perfect remedy for that late night or well-needed chill day. We have one of our Freshers-favourites from last year back on a bigger scale; come join us for a cocktail making masterclass in some of Newcastle's best cocktail bars. 

You can also make a free visit to the Dog & Cat Cafes, make your way through the Escape Rooms, tackle Space Golf and all the daytime events we have going on all week (for free).




Nights out with a twist!

You will be getting free entry to all of these incredible events. This is your Official Freshers party and the only place you need to be! We have events running every single night, from the legendary Massaoke, the launch of the alternative MANTRA, Bingo Revolution, out big headliners & free entry to all of the biggest, newest and most popular spots in the city (from Digital, Eden, Tup Tup, the Cut, The Gate & much more).




Get to know your city with free tours & IKEA trips

Get to know the city you'll come to call home. We'll take you on a tour of the amazing city and show you all the best places to eat, drink and just have fun. We are also running trips to IKEA, grainger market, and all across campus! This is the best way to know where everything is and get settled into Newcastle.


This is just a taster of what we have in store!

Check out the full line-up here or Buy your wristband


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