Festival of Arts & Culture

11 - 13 May (11am - 2pm)

Our Festival Of Arts and Culture is an annual celebration on campus brought to you by loads of our incredible societies. It's been 2 years since we have been able to put this on and we can't wait. The 3-day celebration will be showcasing traditional foods, performances, and wonderful workshops where you can experience a variety of arts and cultures from the comfort of campus. So, head on down to campus between 11-13 May, grab some food, enjoy the atmosphere, and have a good time. If you're passing, come on by!

What's On?

Pop along!

You can find us on the lawn between Northern Stage & the front entrance of the Students' Union. Feel free to pop in to grab some food, watch a performance on your break from lectures, or get involved with a workshop. Check out the full schedule down below.

Find Us

Wednesday 11 May

11am - 2pm, Outside the SU



Turkish Society
Experience traditional Turkish food.


Indonesian Society
Experience traditional Indonesian food..


Fashion Society (Midday, 12pm)
A catwalk showcase focusing on festival fashion incorperating the message of sustainability and repurposing.



Creative Writing Society
A fun and relaxing workshop and learn to express yourself through writing.


Turkish Society
Learn about traditions of Turkey and more about the fascinating Turkish culture.


Hindu & Sikh Society
Experience Indian culture in this fun workshop.

Thursday 12 May

11am - 2pm, Outside the SU



Jewish Society
Come along and sample some delicious traditional Jewish food.


Tamil & Malayali Society
An important part of Tamil and Malayali culture is food and you can come along and sample some traditional Tamil and Malayali cuisine.


Afro-Caribbean Society
Experience traditional Afro-Caribbean recipes to learn about the Afro-Caribbean culture.


DJ Society (1pm)
The DJ Society will be performing some sets to tie in with the Festival of Culture theme and listen out for music from around the world!



Sign Language (Give it a Go)
(11am) Sign Language workshop – come along and learn some basic signs in our interactive workshop.


Mindful Arts (Give it a Go)
(12noon) A great way to relax and be inspired by the festival to create colourful patterns and designs.


Anime Society
Experience Anime through this fun and interactive workshop.

Friday 13 May

11am - 2pm, Outside the SU


Food & Drink

Polish Society
We’ll be giving you the opportunity to try traditional Polish apple pancakes (Racuchy)!


Brunei Society
Taste some traditional recipes and food from Brunei to help experience a part of the Brunei culture.


Student Brewery
Sample some drinks especially produced by the StuBrew.


Give it a Go
Join Activities Assistant Izzy for some fun crafts from around the world! Make Mocadorà – marzipan shapes, Talavera tiles, and Mexican Folk Art plates!


Student Brewey
Stu Brew is our very own student-run microbrewery – in fact it’s the only student-run one in Europe! Come along to Student Brewing Society’s fun workshop!


Polish Society
Come along to a social language class that will introduce you to basic Polish words and expressions.


Bollywood Dance Society (1pm)
Experience some traditional bollywood dancing - join in with the routine if you want.