What is F.U.C.C?

Future Under Climate Crisis (F.U.C.C.) is an environmental campaign run by NUSU to encourage students to adapt their behaviour to become more sustainable as well as campaigning to create University wide ‘green’ pledges to create positive environmental change.


Our Day of Action (31st Jan)

31st January 2020.
Head to campus to get involved with our launch day. What can you get involved in? Check out what you can do to make a small change to contribute to a larger change to help extinguish our climate crisis. We have a day of activities and workshops taking place in Venue.


Green Pledge Initiative

Alongside the launch of this campaign, we will be launching the Green Pledge initiative, whereby the Students' Union will be launching their green pledge to become more sustainable. From this, we will be lobbying Schools at the University to create and maintain their own Green Pledge. You can suggest ideas to your School via this form. 

Here are some examples of pledges that could be made:



  • Make it a rule that slide and module handbooks are printed out by request only.
  • Do students need to submit a hard copy as well as Turnitin?
  • Ban non-recyclable flyers and posters.


  • School-wide disposable cup ban or a small charge for a cup to encourage people to bring their own.
  • Limit plastic at catered events.


  • Reduce your carbon footprint by sending less emails
  • Turn lights off
  • Use a ‘greener’ search engine

SU Green Pledge

To launch Future under Climate Crisis and the Green Pledge Initiative, NUSU has launched it's official Green Pledge to tackle paper, power and plastic within the Students' Union to help make the building more sustainable and make a difference to the climate crisis. You can read the full pledge here.