Participation Bursaries

On account of Covid-19, we have had to postpone the application window for term 2. We will inform you of the new time period within which we will accept new participation bursary applications through our communication channels.

Students can apply for the Participation Bursary online and the form will be hosted on this webpage. The form will be active in both terms during the following periods and students can submit an application at any point in between these dates. To be as effective as we can in supporting extracurricular participation, there will be an extra date in between these periods where applications received before then will be assessed. Students submitting their application before an assessment date will be notified of the outcome within 10 working days from that assessment date. This will be done by email.


What is the bursary?

NUSU is committed to ensuring students can take full advantage of their time at university. We recognise that financial obstacles can arise which prevents students from accessing the activities we offer. The Participation Bursary aims to remove these barriers to participation by helping cover some of the costs of getting involved. Students can receive up to £280 per academic year. These amounts may change at the discretion of the Student Union and the information on this page will be updated accordingly.



How the Bursary supports you

The Participation Bursary can support you with Club/Society membership and participation costs, funding a club/society trip, and purchasing sports kit/equipment. This is not an exhaustive list. More examples can be found here.


Eligibility Criteria 

The bursary is currently aimed at UK Home Fee students that are in ANY year of undergraduate (UG) study AND who meet at least one of the criteria found below.

In addition to meeting the criteria listed in the link above, we seek evidence of extracurricular commitment for the funding requested which will be discerned by the strength of the application made. Applications are competitive and, therefore, we strongly encourage students to address the reasons for choosing the activity or activities you require the bursary for, alongside the submission of evidence that highlight the costs of participating in the activity.

View Criteria  



Thinking about applying?

Students submitting their application before an assessment date will be notified of the outcome within 10 working days from that assessment date. This will be done by email. 

  1. Term 1 applications are open from 5th October 2020 and close 30th November 2020. Assessment dates for this term are 1st November 2020 and 30th November 2020.
  2. Term 2 due to Covid-19, the term 2 application window has been postponed. Students will be informed when the new dates have been decided.

The application form will be hosted on this webpage during the two rounds of applications each year. Students will be notified of the outcome of their application by email within 10 working days from the deadline.

To help us improve this initiative, we expect all students that are granted the Participation Bursary to complete a survey at the end of the academic year.


Thinking about appealing?

Please find information about appealing in this document.


Levels of Funding

There are levels of the bursary for which a student can apply for. These levels are based on the different joining fees of NUSU clubs and societies in addition to other costs a student may incur for their participation.

  1. Tier 1 offers a £120 bursary
  2. Tier 2 offers a £180 bursary
  3. Tier 3 offers up to £280 capped bursary

Our research shows that the Tier 1 amount can adequately assist the student in covering the cost of participating with NUSU societies and other NUSU activities such as Give It A Go and Go Volunteer. However, if a student wishes to join the sports centre and/or a NUSU club, then we recommend applying for the Tier 2 amount. If a student feels that they require less or more than the previous two levels of bursary on offer, then they should apply for Tier 3 and account for these costs in their application.