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Committee Handover Guide

We have created this guide for both outgoing and incoming committees to guide you through there process of the handover. From setting up an online AGM though the NUSU website, so all the necessary documents you need to complete, we hope that you find this page useful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a member of the Activities Team or Joe/Eleanor. 


1. Conduct and Online AGM via NUSU website or your own system.


On the NUSU website we have made it possible for all Secretaries to have access to our 'Elections Admin' and to run an AGM through their club/society page. Some of you may have already completed an AGM or have your own system, this is absolutely fine and as long as the elections are conducted fairly and democratically were happy for you to go ahead with your own method.

However, if using the NUSU website, please follow this step by step guide to ensure your AGM is run correctly. The deadline for completing an online AGM through NUSU is 31st May 2020 so please give yourselves enough time.

We have created a step-by-step guide to creating your AGM through the NUSU website, as well as a video tutorial that will guide you through the setting up of an AGM (Election).

Getting your results: Once your election has closed, please contact Eleanor ( if you are a Society, or Joe ( if you are a Club and your results will be sent over to you in due course. We will work as quickly as possible to get your results to you, but due to the vast quantity of elections running and current workloads, this may not be instantly.  


2. Joint Committee Meeting


We suggest a meeting between the outgoing committee and the incoming committee to go over the committee documents, online forms, and next steps with the club/society. Below is a rough agenda you may wish to use to get the ball rolling:


3. Online Committee Documents (submit by June 12th)


Committee Submission Form: Every club and society must complete the following committee documents form. We suggest this is done before the incoming committee begins so that they know exactly what’s happening with the club/society for the upcoming academic year. Alongside the submission form, we have some instructions on how to complete the online form:

In order to complete the form correctly, you’ll need to have your club/society documents ready. The first being the constitution, don’t forget you need the officers to sign their name at the bottom. Here is a constitution template as well as information on how to do online signatures: 

Secondly, you need a Safety Policy. Guidance on this can be found here: 

Finally, you need to complete the club/society Risk Assessment. All clubs/societies have risks so we’ve created this template to show the type of risks you should be thinking about: 


4. Outgoing Committee Duties


Duties end 31st July 2020.

How do you want to leave your club or society? What are you most proud of this year and what do you want to see being carried on in the future? Your club or society has been such an essential part of your time this past year, and we want to make sure you’re giving the next committee all the tools they need to continue the hard work you’ve put in.  

The following documents outline some things to think about when handing over to the next committee. Enabling the great work can be continued and you leave the club/society in a better position than you received it in. 


5. Incoming Committee


New committee – welcome! You’re all set to go for your duties to officially begin on 1st August 2020! It’s great to use summer as your opportunity to get to grips with your club or society. You’ll receive information from the 2020-21 AU Officer (Benthe Tanghe) and 2020-21 Activities Officer (Hannah Finney) about Freshers Fair and Officer training, so if you want to get ahead make sure you’re on top of your emails and keep an eye out for useful information.

Need help? Got a question? Email your AU Officer or email your Activities Officer anytime. 


6. Club/Society Memberships


All memberships to your club/society for 2020/2021 will be available to purchase through your club/society webpage from 1st August 2020. Make sure you buy your membership as soon as possible, in order to gain access to the website and start your committee responsibilities! Once this is completed you can start advertising to new and returning members ready for the year ahead.