Whether you're already involved in a project or are looking for the opportunity to set up your own, NUSU can help! Find out more infomation here or email Flo, Widening Access Project Worker to set up a meeting.

NUSU: Into Schools

Before the event
So you have an event booked in with a school or community group? Be sure to let Flo know, so that we can best support you with training, guidance, marketing materials and resources.

Read NUSU's Volunteer Statement and Handbook to find out more about being a volunteer at Newcastle University Students' Union.

During the event
First of all, have fun and enjoy the session! We also need to capture some feedback on the day from the teachers and participants present to find out what they thought. Be sure to download and print the evaluation forms below and take them along with you.
Teacher Evaluation Form
Pupil/Participant Evaluation Form

After the event
Well done, you did it! We'd also like to find out how you think the event went so that we can celebrate your achievements and support you the best way that we can. Previous participants of NUSU: Into Schools have won NUSU Community Impact Awards so this way we can find out about the interesting things you've been up to. We'll also refund you for any travel expense, find the forms for these below, complete with receipts attached and bring into the Activities Office.
Post-Visit Evaluation Form
Travel Form - Fuel Expenses
Travel Form - Public Transport/Taxis

Privacy Policy

Alumni: Into Schools 

Application Form
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