Schools Outreach Volunteering


Volunteering in schools is a fantastic way to gain experience working with children, develop important employability skills, as well as giving back to the community. There are a number of different ways that you can get involved in volunteering in schools whether it's delivering an outreach session as part of a society, visiting your old school to talk about your experiences or sharing your subject expertise to support GCSE or A-Level students in local schools. You may even have your own unique idea about an outreach project to deliver in schools!



Why should I do outreach volunteering in schools?

School students face different challenges coming from diverse backgrounds and unique circumstances. Many may not have the tools or knowledge to access accurate and high quality information and guidance about higher education and what the options for their future are. The idea of "widening participation" and "widening access" to university comes from the idea that every student should have the opportunity to pursue higher education regardless of their household income, their social background, age, gender, disabililty status, ethnicity or specific circumstances such as having caring responsibilities, having experienced time in the care system or being estranged from their parents.

Getting involved in schools volunteering means you can contribute towards providing activities and information to give an accurate representation of higher education to all students and give an authethic and genuine perspective on life in higher education.

Not only will you be helping this important cause, but can also gain the following benefits:

  • Experience in working with young people of all ages; particularly if you are interested in pursuing teaching or working with young people as a job
  • Developing important skills for your CV and employability such as communication, leadership, organisation, creativity, public speaking, planning etc.
  • Share your knowledge and expertise whether it is your subject, a passion or social cause, or even your own personal journey to inspire young people
  • Most importantly, having fun! Young people are a fun, honest and rewarding group to work with.


How can I volunteer in schools?


Click on the pictures below to see the different ways you can get involved in volunteering in schools:


Want to join an already established

project that delivers sessions? Or are

you a society that wants to start up

your own outreach sessions?                                                                                                          


Want to go back to your old school

to talk about your experiences and

personal journey to inspire students

who are going through what you once

went through?                                      


Want to help GCSE or A-Level 

students prepare for their exams

and understand their subject better?           


Or if you have your own idea for a project or a session which doesn't fall into the category above please do not hesitate to contact Flo, our Widening Access Project Worker, on for help and support with developing your idea and making it become a reality!





Become a Student Ambassador or Street Scientist

Applications open in October 2018 so keep checking back so that you don't miss out!

Volunteer for an external organisation

NUSU's volunteering service Go Volunteer can link you to a number of external organisations in the North East who work closely with young people. From teaching performing arts with Teatro to acting as a buddy for a vulnerable child with Children North East, there are hundreds of opportunities available to Newcastle University students. Find out some more about all of these opportunities here at Go Volunteer.