Society Commmittee Hub

We have put together everything you need a society committee member to run your society, from essential documents & resources, grant information, to how to promote your activity via the Students' Union.


We have created a guide for both outgoing and incoming committees on the process of handovers. From setting up an online AGM though the NUSU website, so all the necessary documents you need to complete, we hope that you find this page useful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a member of the Activities Team or Joe/Eleanor.

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Key Documents & Resources

All of your important and essentials documents, form and guides to running your society for the next academic year. As well as this we have included some handy guides to understanding your roles, officer training as well as guidance on charity collection and booking external speakers.

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Promoting your Society

Find out how you can promote your society and events through the digital screens in the Students' Union, our website & our social media.

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Website Tools

Information about how to create events, member emails, polls and sign-ups on the website, as well as how to edit your society page.

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Gain an Inclusive Award

We’re excited to launch the Earn Your Stars campaign to champion and recognise inclusivity in your society! At NUSU we aim to create an atmosphere in which all people feel valued, are respected and have access to the same opportunities. This is your opportunity to showcase how your society is inclusive to all students! With each Star you earn, you are showcasing the steps you have taken to ensure your society is inclusive, particularly around three key themes: diversity, disability and mental health. Each year you will work your way from Bronze, to Silver to Gold and with each Star you earn, will receive a digital stamp and a financial reward!.

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Give it a Go Collaborations

Give it a Go is a great way for your club or society to gain new members. We are one of the biggest departments in the Students’ Union, and it is a fantastic way to advertise your club or society to new and existing students. In order to book in your Give it a Go session you will need to complete this form. If you would like to run several different sessions you will have to submit one form for each session – you don’t need to do this if it’s the same activity but over different dates, just pop the various dates on the form.

All Give it a Go activities are run at a basic introductory level and should be suitable for beginners. Please remember that you should run workshops which link to your activities. For example, society led Give it a Go sessions should relate to your society activity. You should run an event in what you are experts in.



Society Grants

There are 2 grants you can apply for as a society: Initial and Special Grants. Initial Grants are applied for & allocated at the start of the year and Special Grants are great to apply for if you are wanting to help boost any projects your society would like to work on throughout the year. Use the following link to find out more about our grants, the restrictions as well as how you can go about applying.

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