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We have put together everything you need as a committee member to run your Society. This information has been provided by the Students' Union Activities Team & Digital Communications Team.


Website Help

Explore the ways to use your Society Admin and build a presence for your Society through your NUSU Society page. Need to talk to someone?

What is this?

Via your Societies Admin page (which can be accessed by the Exec Committee by logging into the website, and will appear under the 'padlock icon' at the top of the website), you will see 2 sections called 'Events' & 'News'. This is a great opportunity to list all of the events and updates you have coming up - we can even ticket your events for you if you need (making things really secure). These updates may be taster/get-to-know-us sessions, social events, or general updates/achievements. This is a great way to show what you have coming up and will encourage more students to get involved with what you do.

How do I create an event?

You simply need to create a new event via your Admin page, and make sure you are selecting 'Club & Society' as the 'Event Type'. The event will then automatically appear on your Society Profile page on the website, and onto our full 'what's on' events programme for students to browse.

Promotion for Website & Emails

By featuring your events/news on the website, means that you can keep students constantly updated on what you have going on. As well as this, adding your events to your profile page will feed into our main news and 'what's on' events feed. We may even promote your upcoming events or news stories via our weekly student emails. This will help increase the visibility of what you have going on and up attendance.

Promotion for Social Media

We now have a new staff member working in our Marketing department who will be on hand to work with all of our clubs and societies and help promote what you're up to, or what you've achieved across all of our social media platforms. Once you have some content uploaded to your Society news and event areas, message Laura and she will work on how we can promote you via social media.

Message Laura

Only the Exec Committee can access the Admin Page for your Society (President, Treasurer & Secretary).

Login to the NUSU website, and once you're in, a padlock icon will appear on top of the website, next to the 'log out' button. Hover over this and you will see your Society listed with '...Admin Tools' attached.

Click on this, and this is your Society Admin Page.

To access your Admin Page, login into the website and then your Society Admin page will be listed under the padlock at the top of the page. All Exec Committee will have access to this. Below are some of the sections you can access, which will appear on your Society page on the website for students to access.

Edit Details

This is your opportunity to update your logo, and to write up a bit about yourself, to promote people to get involved with you. You can update this anytime you'd like.


Add news surrounding your society for us to promote and shout about.


Keep students informed of any socials or events you have coming up. We will also help promote any you list for students to attend.


Signups are for activity signups, and not for email signups. We advise you use the Event or Product areas instead of this section for activities.


This is where you can create a new 'group' and set the type as an 'interest List'. These lists will appear in your Message area, and you can use this to email out to your members, or interested students.


Your opportunity to message your members, or anyone in your 'interest lists' - this is a good way to communicate to Freshers interested in your Society (pre-membership).


This is not the area for additional memberships! Please contact your Activities Officer if you need to add a new membership option. This section is for products such as charity donations, merch, equipment, or even end-of-year ball tickets.


This is where you can upload any documentation or helpful resources to support your members.


Room Booking

The Room Booking system will be live on this page soon.

Resources & Documents

From hangovers to booking forms, we have everything you need to manage your Society.

How do you complete a Society handover?

Handover Guide

How do you start a new Society?

Start a New Society

How do you reactivate a dormant Society?

Re-Launch Past Society

There are 2 grants -  Initial and Special Grants.  The Activities Officer, with the approval of the Exec, allocates an initial grant at the beginning of the year. This will depend on the number of members you have by a set deadline which will be notified to officials of societies by the Activities Officer.  This money is different from your member's account (which you can spend on anything and claim back) as it can only be spent on certain things (i.e. not food and drink, clothing, etc.).

Special Grant Form

Give it a Go is a great way for your club or society to gain new members. We are one of the biggest departments in the Students’ Union, and it is a fantastic way to advertise your club or society to new and existing students. In order to book in your Give it a Go session you will need to complete this form. If you would like to run several different sessions you will have to submit one form for each session – you don’t need to do this if it’s the same activity but over different dates, just pop the various dates on the form.

All Give it a Go activities are run at a basic introductory level and should be suitable for beginners. Please remember that you should run workshops that link to your activities. For example, a society-led Give it a Go session should relate to your social activity. You should run an event in what you are experts in.

Start a Collab