Manage your Society


How do I manage my Society?

From creating events through our website, running polls, creating sign-ups for interested non-members for the Freshers' period as well as promoting your society events and escapades across NUSU's digital screens or social media, managing and promoting is never easier. 

We have compiled all your important documentation, forms, helpful guides on using our website (just in case you forgot from Officer training) and promo submissions all in one place. Take a look. 

How can I get a Society grant?

There are 2 grants you can apply for as a society: Initial and Special Grants. Initial Grants are applied for & allocated at the start of the year and Special Grants are great to apply for if you are wanting to help boost any projects your society would like to work on throughout the year. 

Click here to find out more about our grants, the restrictions as well as how you can go about applying. You can also find these in the 'Guides, Forms & Documents' section below.

Who are my useful contacts?

Eleanor Killner Elected Activities Officer 2019-20 

Mark Bennett Activities Manager - including Health and Safety and Insurance

Sultana Khatun Activities Finance

Emma Anderson Club and Societies Administrator 

Conor Munro-O'Brien Club and Societies Administrator (Transport)


Website Tools for Society Committees

Website Tools
Information about how to create events, member emails, polls and sign-ups on the website, as well as how to edit your society page.

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How to promote your Society

Society Promotion
Find out how you can promote your society and events through the digital screens in the Students' Union, our website & our social media.

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Guides, Forms & Documents

Guides, Forms & Documents
All of your important and essentials documents, form and guides to running your society for the next academic year.

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Apply for Society of the Month

Apply for Society of the Month
Feel like your society needs recognition this month? We want to hear all about it! Appy today.

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