Running Your Society

Here you will find all the documents needed to run a Society. There are also documents about how to set up a new Society, accident forms, transport forms, the Societies Constitution and all finance related documents. Click on each document to read or print them off and fill them in. All these documents need to be read and the relevant ones filled out. 

Any questions don't hestitate to ask:
Rebecca Bainbridge Activities Officer
Mark Bennett Activities Manager - including Health and Safety and Insurance
Vivienne Miller Activities Finance
Emma Moses Club and Societies Administrator 
Conor Munro-O'Brien Club and Societies Administrator (Transport)

Society Guides


Handover documents (1-7)

  1. Society Consitution Template
  2. Society Information Sheet
  3. Society Officer Contact Details
  4. Safety Policy (Must create yourself using NUSU Activities Safety Policy)
  5. Safety Policy Receipt
  6. Risk Assessment Template
  7. Bribery and Finance Proforma
  8. Equipment List (For Society use optional)
  9. Safety Policy Signature List (For Society to keep throughout the year)


Health and Safety Documents