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Sub-Saharan Africa Research

Brief Description of Society Activities

The activities of the society include:

  • Fortnightly meetings and events which include: workshops, presentations, seminars, discussion panels and research support
  • A regular annual conference to be held at the university for each academic year 
  • During meetings, members will be encouraged to discuss their research and the impact this may have in ensuring the sustainable growth and development of Sub-Saharan African Countries with respect to any of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Members are also encouraged to share any new research ideas or concepts they may have
  • We aim to provide a peer support network for research students
  • Regular social and networking events to take place each month or every other month

Meetings Days, Times and Venues

- Regular meetings are generally to be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Student Union Building. Details of rooms are provided at 1 week in advance to members. This may change based on room availability.

- Project meetings are generally to be held on the 1st Thursday of each month at a teaching room, where members are also notified of the specific room venue at least one week in advance.

Committee Members and Contacts

President - Luke Martin (

Vice President - Nduka Okwose (

Secretary - Rasaq Lamidi (

Treasurer - Annock Chiwona (



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