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Brief Description of Society Activities

Pole and Aerial fitness is becoming more and more recognised as a form of art, gymnastics and exercise. It is a brilliant way to get fit, meet new people and have fun!
Newcastle University Pole and Aerial Society, NUPAS is open to all students at Newcastle University, we offer two membership types and do much much more than just pole and aerial!

We have our first taster class on Saturday the 10th October! Open to all, it is a chair choreo class to give you an idea about our home classes!

Any level of fitness is suitable to join, you just need a chair and some space!

For Facebook:

For Zoom:   OR   Meeting ID: 885 8009 2001


Class types!

In order to comply with COVID regulations, class sizes are reduced to 5 students plus the instructor, during which time you can be sure the instructor can offer personalised teaching for you.

Pole Dance Classes:
- Beginners
- Beginners + (For more confident or returning beginners)
- Intermediates
- Intermediates +
- Advanced
- Spinning Pole (Intermediates and above)


Fitness classes:
Classes(Head online and outside during COVID-19)
Flex Classes (Head online and outside during COVID-19)
Strength Classes (Head online and outside during COVID-19)
Choreo Classes (Head online and outside during COVID-19)

Aerial fitness classes:
- Aerial Hoop
- Aerial Hammock  
- Other aerial classes will be announced shortly!

*These will be at an additional £2/3 cost per class*


Membership types!

For the first time ever we have decided to open our memberships up to allow for more flexibility - we now offer a basic and all inclusive membership. 


+ This membership is only £20 for the first semester and includes all flex/stength and yoga classes which are now online

+ We know a lot of people are worried about paying the full membership and being told they have to quarantine so this membership is very flexible and allows you to only pay for the pole/choreo classes you attend 

+ Choreo classes will be £2 per class

+ Pole classes will be £3 per class, online or face-to-face

+ At the end of semester one there will be the option to pay again for a basic membership for semester 2, and you can always upgrade your membership if you find yourself attending lots of the classes

All inclusive

+ This membership is only £65 for the whole year! 

+ So that's every flex/strength/yoga and pole and choreo classes!

+ If you are inters or above, this does also include access to spinning classes

+ As a bonus, this membership also includes access to jam sessions, where you can practise moves you've learnt or use the time to learn new things!


Both memberships will still have to pay for aerial classes, and it will be the same price. 

Meeting Days, Times and Venues

We designed our timetable with uni hours in mind - most classes take place after uni begins or on weekends, and we offer the same class multiple times per week to ensure you can make it to at least 1 class per week! All our flex/yoga/strength classes will be online, though we are still waiting to hear whether we can host in person classes too, we think we will have online classes for choreo and pole too!

Classes this year will be held on Floor 6 of The Commercial Union House on Pilgrim Street.

Contact Details

President: Ellen Hill


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